Trinity Point's single dwelling developments were a unique opportunity to create good architecture that will be affordable and accessible to many, not just those who have millions of dollars to spend on the construction of a house. Our vision was to create a range of designs where the architecture responds to the environment, allows the flexibility required for the adaption of designs into allotments of differing orientations, incorporates the fundamentals of environmentally sustainable living and provides its occupants opportunities and flexibility to adapt the building to their lifestyle.

Correct orientation is paramount, emphasis is placed on solar access and views. The ability to control the sun so as to provide heating when required and shading in the warmer months is a fundamental consideration. Dual aspect living areas and terraces allows for natural cross ventilation, access to views and allows the user the flexibility to enjoy the natural environment in a variety of areas depending on the conditions. The transition from interior and exterior is seamless as will be the visual connection from the interior to the exterior.

The houses will be suitable for permenant occupation or as a “weekender”. Living areas may be on the ground or first floor depending on personal preference. The houses have a bedroom and ensuite on the main living area floor and another on the bedroom level so that single level living can be enjoyed. A second living area on the bedroom level is perfect for entertaining extended family and guests, or perhaps for teenagers or even as a study for someone who wants to run their business from home having access to business facilities in the hotel of the tourist precinct.

In the spirit of the Trinity Point precinct, the houses have a distinctly modern Australian aesthetic. Modern Australian contemporary design and site specific environmental considerations have generated the distinctly unique architectural language.

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