Wedged between Parramatta Rd and the M5 motorway in Homebush, the design of this 221-apartment development consists of two north facing buildings addressing the motorway and one south to Parramatta Rd. This unique residential and commercial mixed-use building has received public and council support and approval, progressing the exciting Urban Renewal Strategy for the Parramatta Road corridor.

Dividing the two buildings is a landscaped podium providing amenities for residents and the public. The podium opens the site from east to west, continues onto scattered roof gardens for a heightened skyline experience and stretches out to the proposed council parklands. All apartments achieve natural cross ventilation and ample solar access is a major achievement to most. Communal zones to each level also achieving natural cross-ventilation throughout.

Skinned in an assortment of metallic, prefinished, composite aluminium panels, the boundary facades form a protective ‘shell’ against noise while the textured precast concrete and exposed slab edges of the inward-facing facades articulate a restrained sense of security and structure.

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